Police release Texas teen's last text before electrocution

Police have released the last photo a 14-year-old girl sent before she was electrocuted while texting in the bathtub in New Mexico.

Lovington Police investigators believe Madison Coe took the photo and sent it to a friend just before she died, NBC 12 reported.

The image shows her phone’s charger plugged into an extension cord, which is lying on a towel over a bath mat.

“When you use and (SIC) extension cord so you can plug your phone in while you’re in the bath,” she captioned the photo.

Electrocuted Texas teen’s family warns of electronics dangers

The Texas teen plugged the charger into an extension cord so that she could stay connected to the device while taking a bath at her father’s house in Lovington, N.M., on July 9.

The cord was plugged into a non-grounded outlet with no circuit-interrupting safety mechanism, according to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Lovington Police Department.

The report explains that Coe’s cellphone was never immersed in water, NBC 12 notes.


Police released the last text Coe sent, presumably to a friend, showing a picture of her cell phone’s charger plugged into an extension cord outside the bathtub. 

(Lovington Police Department)

Officials said the girl died from touching a frayed part of the extension cord that had water in it.

Texas teen electrocuted while holding cellphone in a bathtub

Coe might not have known the cord was frayed, the report said.

Coe’s parents hope that sharing their daughter’s last text will help prevent similar accidents. They’re aiming to raise awareness around the dangers of texting while bathing, especially among teens.

Coe’s stepmother Felisha Owens told CBS affiliate KRQE that the girl was fond of taking baths.

“It’s not uncommon for her to spend two hours to two and a half hours in the bathtub,” she said.

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38, mostly children, injured as tour bus overturns in northern Turkey (PHOTOS)

Dozens of passengers, most of them children from Georgia, were injured after a Bulgaria-bound tour bus veered off the road in northern Turkey, the state-run news agency and local media report.

The bus, which was carrying around 38 passengers – including members of a Georgian children’s dance band – to Bulgaria, crashed into a light pole before veering off the read in the northern Turkish region of Giresun, according to Hurriyet

Authorities scrambled ambulances and fire brigades from Giresun and the neighboring province of Trabzon to provide first aid to the injured.

One person stranded inside the vehicle was rescued by the emergency services. Those injured in the incident were taken to nearest hospitals in Giresun and Trabzon.

Other details of the road accident are not immediately available at the moment. Authorities say they will look into the cause of the crash.

Meanwhile, photos apparently showing the overturned vehicle, lying in the middle of the road, have emerged online.

Major incidents involving tour buses have taken place in other parts of Turkey over the past months.

READ MORE: Three dead in Sweden bus crash with dozens of school children on board (VIDEO)

In May, at least 23 people died after a bus carrying women and children plunged off a cliff near the Turkish resort town of Marmaris.

Another 11 passengers of the same bus were injured when the driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed it into a crash barrier. The vehicle eventually landed on another section of the road below after it pierced the crash barrier, Reuters reported.

No foreign tourists were among the passengers, according to local media.

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Just as Francesa is almost out door, Michael Kay is making waves

Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa’s farewell tour (if he actually does leave WFAN in December) has been rudely interrupted by ESPN-98.7’s “The Michael Kay Show,” which for the first time since it debuted in 2002 beat His Holiness in the ratings.

The June (May 25-June 21) ratings book showed “TMKS” with a 5.2 share in the key men 25-54 demographic while Francesa notched a 5.1 share.

Near the end of ESPN’s sweet “30 for 30” documentary on FranDog, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo said: “We did this (their show) for 19 years. There is nothing else for me and Mike to prove.” This is true. Yet for Francesa, there now is major unfinished business.

Michael Kay, seen here with wife Jodi Applegate in 2015, gloats after ratings win on Twitter.

Michael Kay, seen here with wife Jodi Applegate in 2015, gloats after ratings win on Twitter.

(Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

With a few months (depending on how much more vacation he takes) left until his alleged departure, does Francesa go out on top, besting Kay, Don La Greca, and Peter Rosenberg in remaining ratings books? Or does he stumble-bum it out the door, being beaten by ESPN-98.7 again and again and again in the ratings? Beaten by a trio he has often dissed.

Francesa, Russo still not ruling out ‘Mike and Mad Dog’ reunion

Can Kay and his crew close the deal? Can they figuratively kick Francesa’s tuchis as he makes his grand, and much publicized, exit? Or are they just one shot stiffs, “The Oneders” of sportstalk who can’t sustain their ratings success?

01291416597, 10057001,

Michael Kay’s ESPN New York 98.7 radio show has been looking up at Francesa’s show since 2002.

(Casey Rodgers/Casey Rodgers/Invision/AP)

Ratings trends before the June book showed “TMKS” could be headed in a positive direction. Losing, even once, to Kay, who has been smelling the Pontiff’s exhaust fumes for 15 years, must be driving Francesa nuts, especially when Kay rubbed it in with a series of tweets. This amounted to a wild end-zone celebration on Twitter. Kay did not act like he had been there before because he hasn’t.

All this stuff, along with other shots Kay took at Francesa’s show, on the eve of the “30 for 30,” should provide enough motivation down the stretch for the Pope to make Kay’s victory a one-and-done kind of thing. But if Francesa can’t turn the tables and show Kay’s win is a stone fluke, his WFAN ending won’t be happy.

He will walk out the door a loser.

Chris Christie filling in for Mike Francesa on WFAN


Months before he was fired, FS1 boss Jamie Horowitz attempted to make Fox Sports radio’s Clay Travis, the next “star” of the network by giving him his own television show.

There was a catch: All Travis had to do to land the gig was ditch his principles.

According to two sources inside Fox Sports, Horowitz contacted Travis in March and offered him the show “if he abandoned all discussion of politics.” The sources said Horowitz told Travis he could “never” tweet about politics, talk about politics, never “touch it at all.” Travis, who has often defined himself as a “radical moderate” discusses politics on multiple platforms, including his early morning radio show.

Chris Christie will shoot for higher (approval) ratings on WFAN

When we contacted him via telephone, Travis declined comment.

The sources said Horowitz tried closing the deal by promising Travis major moolah. He waved dollar signs in Travis’ eyes telling him he took Skip (Undisputed) Bayless from making $ 180,000 per year to now earning $ 6 million per. He said Bayless had the perfect sports perspective because he only deals in sports opinions. Horowitz told Travis he would make him “filthy rich” if he would JUST talk about sports. Travis, the sources said, waited a day to think about the offer.

Travis called Horowitz and said “no.” “Not many people tell Jamie Horowitz ‘no.’ So, when Clay did it, he probably shocked Jamie,” one source said.

Horowitz was recently fired by Fox amidst a sexual harassment investigation. Through an attorney, Horowitz has said he was fired unjustly.

Christie’s bullying persona might just help him get Francesa gig


If ESPN-98.7 can continue winning in afternoon drive, a key seed was planted in 2013 when Francesa was blind-sided and booted by the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network in favor of the Kay show.

This was a slick move by the suits running 98.7 at the time because their deal with YES provided the afternoon drive product with a major marketing platform. YES wound up getting higher ratings in the afternoon on the TV side with “TMKS.”

Francesa landed in Siberia, er, FS1 and his show was often pre-empted by live soccer and NASCAR telecasts. So, not only was his simulcast hard to find, it didn’t have the continuity a Gasbag can get — only on YES.

Mike Francesa explains that time he fell asleep on air


There were no shortage of opinions in the wake of Chris Christie’s WFAN audition last week.

Those who screamed back at Christie, those who were so offended, were proof positive Governor Gasbag can generate big-time buzz. For Christie, that’s a positive if he is seriously pursuing FAN’s afternoon drive gig — or is it?

There is one segment of the audience, the most important segment, that might not be enamored with Christie’s style. That would be the advertisers. Are they going to want someone pitching their products who labels a town full of potential customers “communists?” There’s also the distinct possibility some companies would not advertise on a Christie show because the CEO of said company doesn’t like the Guv’s politics or bullying style.

Chris Christie called ‘fat-a–‘ by well-known WFAN caller

Christie, more than most, knows money changes everything.


Listening to FAN auditions leaves hardly a clue of the kind of team they are looking for.

For example, teaming Evan Roberts with Motown Mike Valenti doesn’t make sense, unless you are looking for two accomplished hosts who both deserve to sit in the power chair. These two cats are radio pros who were a solid listen but provoked few sparks.

Mike from Montclair further digs in to ‘bully’ Chris Christie

So, does that mean FAN needs one power-chair host paired with an outside-the-box guy who comes with an edge and little radio experience, like a Christie or Chris Simms?

Stay tuned.

* * *


Gross Misconduct: 10 biggest jerks in sports this week

For changing a perception. Behind his big talent lurks a cat with a surly attitude. Frankly, Harper, a 24-year-old multi-millionaire could be the biggest of jerks if he wanted to. Instead, during Fox’s All-Star coverage he displayed an engaging personality, clever thinking, and exquisite timing during a live in-game interview Tuesday night. Seems like a prime candidate for the “face of baseball,” right?


When the MLB commissioner says: “It’s not my job to tell a club to renegotiate its television agreements,” then we’ve got a problem. Mr. Manfred’s unwillingness to dive in and help resolve a four-year rights dispute for Dodgers games in the Los Angeles market strikes us as elitism and a cop out. And that is not good for the game, the fans who pay the freight and marketing of the players to a broad audience.


What Tim Hardaway Jr. said: “I wouldn’t want to be with any other team if it wasn’t the Knicks.”

What Tim Hardaway meant to say: “Only the Knicks would be crazy enough to give me a $ 71 million contract.”

mike francesa
michael kay
chris russo
skip bayless
chris christie

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11 men arrested over sex abuse at Spain’s Pamplona bull festival

Eleven men were arrested over suspected sexual abuse at Spain’s infamous bull running festival in Pamplona this year, according to local authorities.

Depicted in the Ernest Hemingway novel ‘The Sun Also Rises,’ the nine-day San Fermin festival has been plagued in the past by sexual violence and animal cruelty claims.

This year’s festival saw 11 men arrested over sexual abuse. According to the local council, there were 14 complaints regarding unwanted sexual contact at San Fermin this year, with two of the cases involving sexual assault.

READ MORE: Man gored in thorax at Pamplona bull run (VIDEOS)

The arrest figure was documented by the country’s Civil Protection Board and follows a campaign by the Pamplona City Council to encourage a “party free from sexual aggression.”

Pamplona Mayor Joseba Asiron admitted that while overall crime at the festival dropped this year, attendance at the 2017 festivities suggests “a decline in tourists and foreign visitors.”

The council condemned the attacks, including an incident in which a woman was assaulted in the early hours of July 11.

“The City Council reaffirms its rejection and condemnation of any type of aggression, violence or sexist attitude in [Pamplona] and commits itself to continue collaborating to eliminate sexist aggressions and improve security for women,” a statement by the council read.

READ MORE: Topless protesters demand end to Pamplona bull-running festival (VIDEO)

Overall, the council says crime complaints were down 15 percent from 1,923 in 2016 to 1,671 this year. A total of 51 people was hospitalized at the festival’s chaotic running of the bulls, seven of these as a result of being gored by the volatile animals.

Over the course of the festival period, 1.45 million people attended, according to a council tally, including 434,000 people at four fireworks displays in the municipality of Navarro.

“We are getting a balanced program,” the mayor said in a statement. “A commitment has been made to recover the family sense of the holidays, thus ensuring the generational change of San Fermins.”

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Russian lawyer used U.S. government cash for lavish meals, hotels

The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. during his father’s campaign has a taste for the finer things in life — as long as the U.S. government is footing the bill.

Starting in late 2015, Natalia Veselnitskaya was one of the attorneys repping Russian real estate conglomerate Prevezon in a money laundering case brought by then-Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

She was one of three people the company brought to the city to help with depositions in the case — and she went to town after the judge said the feds should pay her bills for the trip.

That included upgrading her accommodations to a $ 995 a night room at the Plaza Hotel, court papers say.

Lobbyist at Trump Jr. meeting has tried lifting Russia sanctions

“Ms.Veselnitskaya appears to have stayed at a less expensive hotel during the depositions, but moved to the Plaza after the depositions concluded, and only after the Court orally stated that the Government would be responsible for reimbursing Defendants’ expenses,” prosecutors griped in papers filed in Manhattan federal court.

At the swanky former Trump property, Veselnitskaya racked up big bills for “multiple expensive meals.”

Among them was a sumptuous $ 793.29 feast for five people — “although, again, only three witnesses were deposed.”

The extravagant repast included “eighteen dishes, eight grappas, and two expensive bottles of wine.”

George W. Bush must speak out against Trump

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly met with Veselnitskaya in June 2016.

Donald Trump Jr. reportedly met with Veselnitskaya in June 2016.

(Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Prosecutors also pointed out the lawyer “was not deposed and did not even attend the depositions in person” and used the rooms “the weekend after the depositions had concluded.”

In all, Bharara’s office reimbursed Prevezon $ 50,365.72 for bringing three people from Russia to New York City from Oct. 13 to Oct.16, 2015.

The hefty sum included “airfare, hotels, meals, and interpreter services,” according to a Nov. 25, 2015 letter filed by prosecutors.

Prosecutors griped Veselnitskaya took advantage of the gratis trip.

Another Russian lobbyist attended meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

The feds settled with  Prevezon for just $ 6 million in May — only two days before the trial for alleged money laundering in a $ 230 million tax fraud.

Veselnitskaya told Russian media at the time the amount was so small it “seemed almost an apology from the government.”

House Dems are now asking why the Trump Justice Department agreed to suddenly settle the major case for so little.

The Russian lawyer represented a Russian real estate conglomerate in a case brought by former Manhattan U.S. attorney Preet Bharara in 2015.


House Judiciary ranking member John Conyers and other Democrats penned a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking if Veselnitskaya participated in Prevezon settlement talks.

The borscht thickens on Trump circle’s Russia ties

Prevezon’s lawyers declined comment.

Veselnitskaya’s name surfaced last week after a New York Times story revealed Donald Trump Jr. met with her in June 2016.

The confab took place after the Trump scion was sent an email telling him a “Russian government attorney” had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The message said the information was coming courtesy of “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

GOP mayor hopeful Nicole Malliotakis raises $ 350G for campaign

Trump Jr. said he released emails about the meeting to be transparent. He tweeted them out after he found out the Times had obtained the missives. On Friday, a Russian lobbyist with alleged ties to Kremlin intelligence said he attended the meeting as well.

Bharara, who brought the Prevezon case in 2013, was unexpectedly fired by President Trump in March.

Veselnitskaya could not immediately be reached.

donald trump jr
preet bharara
hillary clinton
jeff sessions
donald trump
john conyers

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California cat killer sentenced to 16 years in prison for 21 feline deaths

A man has been handed a 16 year jail term for killing 21 cats in California. He also faced an allegation of sexually abusing a dead cat.

Robert Roy Farmer, 26, was sentenced at Santa Clara County Superior Court, Friday, after pleading guilty last year to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty and one count each of misdemeanor battery and being under the influence.

The cats began vanishing from San Jose’s Cambrian Park neighborhood in September 2015 and were later found dead, according to the Mercury News.

Read more

© Alfredas Pliadis / Global Look Press

That month, police received home surveillance footage of a white man luring a cat from its owner’s residence before grabbing the feline and running away. The footage prompted police to carry out “follow up investigations” into the pet’s abduction.

On October 8 2015, Famer, the son of a retired San Jose Police Department captain, was found sleeping inside his car at a Home Depot parking lot. Police searched the car and found a dead cat “concealed within the vehicle”, according to a statement on Farmer’s arrest.

Chunks of fur and streaks of blood covered the interior of the vehicle. Police also found a backpack with a pair of fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife in a sheath.

During the court case, a necropsy report from Animal Services documenting signs of sexual abuse on the dead cat inside the car, including dilated genitals, was presented as evidence.

Crime laboratory reports also stated a match was discovered between Farmer and DNA found under claw clippings.

Farmer’s attorney denied the prosecution’s argument that the cat was sexually abused.

The conflicting accounts triggered a debate about whether Farmer should be required to register as a sex offender upon release from prison, reported the Mercury News.

The judge did not make it a requirement for the defendant to register as a sex offender on release, stating that the prosecution’s arguments “did not meet that burden” for such an order.

However he ordered him to stay away from cats for 10 years after his release and from the locality where he committed the offenses.

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NYC pol ripped for giving Council funds to anti-abortion center

A Queens Councilman is under fire for giving tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center.

City Councilman Peter Koo has given at least $ 24,000 in Council member item funds since 2012 to Bridge to Life, which promotes alternatives to abortion.

“Simply put, your anti-choice, anti-woman positions do not reflect the values of New York City’s Democratic voters,” Alison Tan, who is challenging Koo for his seat, wrote in in a letter to her opponent. She pressed him to give an equal amount of money to pro-choice groups.

Tan, the wife of Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim, is seeking to unseat Koo in the Flushing district by highlighting his conservative views. He was originally elected as a Republican but later switched to the Democratic Party.

The head of Bridge to Life says the money goes to good use providing clothes, cribs, diapers and other donations to women in need.

Alison Tan, the wife of Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim (pictured), criticized Koo for giving the funds to the Bridge to Life pregnancy center.

Alison Tan, the wife of Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim (pictured), criticized Koo for giving the funds to the Bridge to Life pregnancy center.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

“I can’t imagine it being criticized,” said executive director Virginia Gallo. “I don’t understand why more of the Council members are not on board with us.”

The Council sought to crack down on crisis pregnancy centers, which critics say mislead women into thinking they’re medical providers, by requiring them to post signs disclosing that they don’t provide medical services. Bridge to Life complies with that rule.

The group serves about 4,000 women a year with free pregnancy tests, donations of maternity and baby clothes and supplies, and referrals to housing and other services, Gallo said.

“All I tell them is you have choices. I can help you with adoption and I can get you free medical care,” she said. “It’s not at all political.”

Koo said that while he is personally against abortion, he believes the procedure should be legal.

Koo said that while he is personally against abortion, he believes the procedure should be legal.

(Go Nakamura/New York Daily News)

But Andrea Miller, president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC, said the group should not be getting city money, noting Koo also voted against the 2010 bill putting restrictions on the centers.

“Not only did he fail to act to prevent these fake clinics from misleading women, but he has used his budget allocation to finance their duplicitous activities. The people of Queens deserve a representative on the Council who will fight to protect their reproductive health and rights,” she said.

Koo says that while he is personally against abortion, he believes the procedure should be legal. His spokesman Scott Sieber stood by the allocation.

“Council member Koo supports a women’s right to choose. He funds hundreds of social service organizations that support women and families,” he said. “He funded this group because they provide a host of services to new mothers, from car seats to baby clothes, and the Council member is proud to help make these resources more available to Flushing families.”

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L.I. woman watched as cop's pit bull fatally mauls her dog

She went from a rescued dog to a killer.

An NYPD officer with a big heart adopted Mila, an emaciated pit bull he rescued in September from an abandoned home in Queens. Just as the 15-month-old dog was adjusting to her new environment in Huntington, L.I., the pit bull ran into a neighbor’s yard and latched her powerful jaws onto Biscotti, a small 7-year-old Peagle.

It took place on April 21 — right in front of the smaller dog’s owner, who still has nightmares about the fatal attack.

“Biscotti was just squatting down and this white image came out of the woods in the back of our yard and tackles him, completely unprovoked,” said Biscotti’s owner, Louise. “(Mila) slaps him down on his back and begins shaking him. She was peeling away her ear like an artichoke.”

Little Biscotti — a mixture of Pekingese and beagle — was screaming.

Louise, who had two other dogs with her, got tangled up in their leashes and fell to the ground.

Injuries suffered by Biscotti after being mauled by a pitbull last year.

Injuries suffered by Biscotti after being mauled by a pitbull last year.

(Louise Taliana/Courtesy of)

“I came face to face with the pit bull,” said Louise, who asked to withhold her last name because she feared retaliation from pit bull owners.

“She was shaking Biscotti,” the woman recalled. “All this blood was coming onto my face.”

Louise managed to grab Mila’s mouth in the hopes of freeing her beloved dog “but her jaws were way too strong,” she said.

Mila started pulling Biscotti toward the woods. The smaller dog stopped screaming.

“She was shaking him like a rag doll! Like a rag doll!” Louise said. “(Biscotti) was 38 pounds. I know people with small children who are less than 38 pounds!

Mila, a rescued pit bull, ran into Louise

Mila, a rescued pit bull, ran into Louise’s yard before mauling Biscotti to death.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

“I was screaming at the dog ‘You killed him, you f—! You killed him!”

Armed with a pole, Louise’s husband managed to force Mila to drop Biscotti. He kept the gray-and-white pit bull at bay until Suffolk County cops were called to corral the animal.

Mila bit both Louise and her husband, although their injuries were minor.

Biscotti wasn’t so lucky. After suffering massive bite wounds, he died of his injuries on May 2.

Officer Joshua Sailor apologized for Mila’s behavior, Louise said. The hazel-eyed pit bull was staying with Sailor’s girlfriend, who co-owns the dog.

Louise holds a picture of her dog, Biscotti in her backyard garden.

Louise holds a picture of her dog, Biscotti in her backyard garden.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

Louise said she plans to sue Sailor, 25, over her dog’s death. The cop did not return a call seeking comment.

Meanwhile, Louise’s other dog, a 4-year-old brindle boxer named Nala, witnessed the attack and remains traumatized.

The once-friendly dog is now very fearful and runs away from everything. She’s also developed an ulcer, Louise said.

“Nala and Biscotti were like frick and frack,” she said. “Since this happened, she’s been super sad. She doesn’t want to stay outside. She hears another dog and is suddenly in fear of her life.”

The Emergency Services Unit rescued Mila from a dilapidated home on Farmer’s Blvd. in Jamaica, Queens, back in Sept. 30.

Injuries suffered by Biscotti after being mauled by a pit bull last year,

Injuries suffered by Biscotti after being mauled by a pit bull last year,

(Louise Taliana/Courtesy of)

Someone had chained the pup to the doorframe of the home, forcing her to remain in a foot-wide gap between the main door and screen door without any food or water.

As soon as she was freed, Sailor and the pit bull bonded immediately, the cop told the Daily News in December.

“She ran right up to me,” Sailor said. “I realized that this dog needed a lot of love and I have a lot of love to give.”

The ASPCA, which nursed Mila back to health before Sailor could adopt her, honored the young cop at a luncheon in December, where cops and prosecutors were lauded for their roles in the enforcement, investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty cases.

An ASPCA spokeswoman said the agency wasn’t aware of the attack, adding that they hadn’t provided any “post-adoption behavior consultation for this animal.”

Louise with Nala, one of her surviving dogs, at her home in Dix Hills, Long Island.

Louise with Nala, one of her surviving dogs, at her home in Dix Hills, Long Island.

(David Wexler/For New York Daily News)

Louise’s neighbor claimed Mila was working with a trainer at least once a week.

The attack shows that there should be more breed specific local and state laws that would define certain dogs as vicious and require their owners to muzzle them in public, get insurance in case the dog attacks and get better fencing for their homes and yards, Biscotti’s owner said.

If breed specific laws existed, pit bulls would be on the top of the list, she said.

“About 70% of fatal dog bite attacks were committed by pit bulls,” she said. “Pit bull activists say it’s not the breed but how the dog is trained. How can that be?”

Louise is pushing her local legislators to draft laws for her town and others.

“The fact is they are not taking any precautions against these dogs,” she said. “Biscotti got me through kidney cancer and breast cancer. It’s my job to make sure he doesn’t die in vain.”

The ASPCA disagrees, claiming that breed-specific laws would create “the unfair and inhumane targeting of responsible pet guardians and their dogs.”

Instead, communities should adopt breed-neutral laws that “hold reckless dog guardians accountable for their dogs’ aggressive behavior,” the agency said.

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Rare snowstorm batters Chilean capital, leaves one dead & 337k homes without power (PHOTOS)

At least one person is dead and about 337,000 households were left without power as rare snowfall hit the Chilean capital, Santiago. The unusual weather saw temperatures dropping below zero, said to be the lowest in almost a decade.

The one fatality was a worker who was clearing ice, the capital’s authorities said in a statement at a press conference, as cited by local media. 

Two other people were injured after being electrocuted by a fallen power line, the statement added.

About 337,000 households were left without power due to the storm, the Office of National Emergency (ONEMI) said on Saturday, as cited by AFP. Officials said that the weather affected one in seven residents of the capital. 

The snowstorm was the heaviest since 2007, AFP said, citing meteorologists.

Fallen trees and branches were the main causes of the power outages.

Several football matches were suspended due to heavy snow, the Football Federation of Chile said in a statement. 

Some residents of Santiago and the greater area, which is home to around seven million people, opted to enjoy the rare event.

“We should admire the moment that nature gave us, this show so cute,” José Valenzuela, who took his children for a snowy walk in the capital, told AFP.

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GOP leaders postpone health bill as McCain suffers blood clot

Arizona Sen. John McCain has suffered a blood clot that’s forced the GOP leadership to put its ailing health care legislation on ice.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday night he was postponing action on the bill as McCain recovers at his home in Arizona.

The abrupt announcement came a day after surgeons at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix removed a blood clot above McCain’s left eye.

The 80-year-old former presidential candidate was advised by doctors to remain hunkered down in Arizona through next week, his office said.

“While John is recovering, the Senate will continue our work on legislative items and nominations, and will defer consideration of the Better Care Act,” McConnell said in a statement.

McCain’s unforeseen health issue threw a wrench into what was already a precarious GOP plan to vanquish Obamacare.

The new-fangled Senate bill, rolled out last Thursday, is seen to be on a knife edge after two Republicans came out immediately vowing to oppose it.

With the GOP holding a 52-48 majority, they can afford to lose only two Republicans.

McConnell has been eager to fast-track the bill to prevent its critics from mounting a sustained effort to mobilize opposition.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday night he was postponing action on the bill as McCain recovers at his home in Arizona.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday night he was postponing action on the bill as McCain recovers at his home in Arizona.

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

In addition to Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Susan Collins of Maine, a handful of other Republicans have expressed concerns about the legislation.

Several governors on both sides of the aisle, as well as insurance associations and consumer groups, have castigated the bill.

McConnell was hoping to move forward in the coming days with a procedural vote to begin debate on the legislation.

Earlier Saturday, the Mayo Clinic revealed that surgeons removed McCain’s nearly 2-inch clot in a minimally invasive procedure that went “very well.”

Pathology reports on the clot were expected in the next several days.

“He is in good spirits and recovering comfortably at home with his family,” McCain’s office said.

With News Wire Services 

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