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Bellingcat’s Higgins likes lobbing insults on Twitter. Here are some of his favorites

Bellingcat blog founder and Western media darling Eliot Higgins has demonstrated once and for all, in a real-life, non-Twitter debate with MIT Professor Theodore Postol, that his own expertise and credentials are severely lacking. The debate, which focused on the alleged Khan Sheikhoun chemical weapons attack, revealed that Higgins seems to feel more comfortable arguing […]


1,000s gather in London for ‘biggest’ anti-Brexit rally seeking final say (WATCH LIVE)

Thousands of protesters are descending on Westminster for what organizers claim is the “biggest, loudest and most important” anti-Brexit demo since the vote. They insist Brexit is taking the UK to a “future nobody voted for.” The participants, mainly young activists, of the so-called “March For the Future” gathered at Park Lane in the British […]

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